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Western RC&D Listserv

How to receive regular emails from Western RC&D Association:

Be sure to include your affiliation with RC&D in the comments section during the subscription process.  As an alternative, you may join by sending and email -- From the email address you want subscribed to the Western RC&D Association Listserv -- to:


Again, be sure to mention your affiliation with RC&D in the text of the email.


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National  RC&D Listserve

How to receive regular emails from National RC&D Association:

As a friend of the RC&D Council Community, you will receive regular messages from us through our NARC&DC Yahoo Listserv. This is a group communication service provided by Yahoo and available on the internet at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NARCDC/. It is monitored by NARC&DC to minimize distribution of inappropriate messages to you. To Join,

Please set up a Yahoo account and join in our group (email listserv). You can use a email address of your choosing (even though you must set up a yahoo email address initially). You can choose to receive emails directly to your own email Inbox or read the messages when you choose as a log online. If you are having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us at (202) 434-4780 or narcdc@sso.org. We cannot add you to Listserv unless you make the proper request through Yahoo.




 Last Modified: 10/23/2012