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Electronic Waste Properly Disposed of Through RC&D Project

Larry Petersen of Plainview volunteered his time to help load obsolete electronics into the truck for transportation to Sioux City where it will be broken down for the recovery of useable materials, recycling or proper disposal.The Northeast Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council sponsored five electronic waste recycling events recently around the region.  Working with Recycletronics of Sioux City, a company who employs disabled veterans, they collected 12,824 pounds of obsolete or outdated computers, TVs, microwaves, speakers, printers, projection units, and more.  Ninety-six households or businesses were served through this project. 

There were no grant funds used to carry out this recycling program.  It was a user-supported effort along with in-kind contributions of volunteer labor from the RC&D Council and their partners.  In Pierce, the Pierce Telephone Company hosted the event and did all of their own advertising.  In Niobrara, former RC&D board member and community volunteer Kim Swanson worked with the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  Jane Armstrong, a current RC&D board member, took care of the project in Ponca.  The Loess Hills RC&D and the Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company assisted Jane in the event in Jackson. 

The RC&D Board of Directors give their time, talent, and treasure to this organization and the citizens of northeast Nebraska in an effort to make things better for the region.   New project ideas are encouraged, with grant writing assistance and more willingly provided.  Participation by the public in all RC&D activities is welcome and encouraged.

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